Saint-Juvat has been labeled "Quatre-Fleurs" for almost 30 years. And in 30 years flowering has changed a lot. The first period was that of "enriched geranium"; it was followed by a period devoted to horticultural diversification. And finally, since the development of the town in 2013, it is a more economical and more ecological management of green spaces that has been implemented.

From now on, throughout the year, you can discover a succession of plant species: the spring irises are next to the fruit trees. The yellow roses take over, themselves relayed by gauras, speedwells, sage and sedum, which will last until autumn.

This vegetable palette, which treats all layers and extends throughout the year, was developed by Céline Le Tixerant. It is only one municipal employee who ensures the maintenance, helped by volunteers, in particular the members of the association "A fleur de terre".

Hours and permanence:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Saint-Juvat Town Hall

14 Place de l'Ecole

22630 Saint-Juvat

Phone: 02 96 83 46 64
Fax: 09 70 06 29 68
Mail: secretariat@saint-juvat.fr

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