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What is the Pocket Money system?

Proposed by the municipality of Saint-Juvat, this system allows young people to do odd jobs in exchange for remuneration, under the supervision of municipal services. The projects take place on the territory of the municipality: maintenance of green spaces, weeding, sanding, painting, maintenance of premises, storage, archiving ... The main objectives are to involve young people in improving their living environment but also improve the image and behavior of young people in the municipality.

Who is the Pocket Money system for?

To young people aged 16 and over until the eve of their 18th birthday, who live in the town and the surrounding towns. This work is offered during school holidays.

How much pocket money do we earn?

In exchange for the work done, the young person receives compensation. The latter is limited to € 15 per young person per day and the missions are offered on half-days. This remuneration is exempt from social charges.

How to participate in the Pocket Money system?

If you wish to participate in the Pocket Money scheme, contact the town hall!